Wood Wood at CRNFRD.

Wood Wood at CRNFRD.

Wood Wood is a contemporary fashion and lifestyle brand founded in 2002 and based in Copenhagen, Denmark. With its own stores in Berlin, Aarhus and Copenhagen as well as an on-line store, Wood Wood is directed by co-founders Karl-Oskar Olsen and Brian SS Jensen.

As a sub-cultural founded lifestyle brand, we grew up with graffiti and street culture in the 90’s where style was key. We mix high fashion, sports and streetwear with youth culture, art and music creating the best possible product balanced between style and function. Best described as Contemporary Street- wear, Wood Wood has looked beyond just fashion and is making its mark with a strong sports compo- nent, combined with the brand’s ability to move up and down the fashion spectrum.

“Wood Wood is much more than a brand. It’s about style and attitude. We were raised with the desire to constantly evolve and we’ll keep on taking the brand even further by combining elements of under- ground and high-end into our very own aesthetic.”
Karl-Oskar Olsen, Co-founder and Creative Director.

The Wood Wood Autumn/Winter 2014 collection is inspired by the 1961 British / American war film ‘The Guns of Navarone’ and the archetypal hero portrayed in movies of that era. The colours and style of the uniforms, the dress sense
and the DIY spirit of the resistance movements portrayed in these movies, form the foundation for the ‘Heroes’ collection. The result is new takes on iconic silhouettes with a sports-fashion approach always balancing between style and function. The theme continues into the prints, but expands the concept to in- clude heroes of culture, sports, politics, mountaineering, space travel etc. 

Decorative sealed seams, panels and other performance inspired details are evident throughout the collection as is the use of chenille patches and a variety of original Wood Wood imagery. Among the all-over prints is the collection’s key print which features hand drawn portraits of historic heroes as versatile as Karen Blixen, Tupac Shakur, Jacques Cousteau and Fausto Coppi.

The materials used include bonded blends, nylon, wool, premium jerseys and much more. The colour scheme of the collection is based on dark navy, shades of burgundy and army green, mixed with mid-tones and a few bright fluorescent explosions.

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