For Autumn / Winter 2014, we are heading to outer space.

Space tourism is a reality. More than 600 people have bought tickets to Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic, which is on track to being the world’s first commercial spaceline. The spaceflight with ‘tourists’ paying 250.000 USD for a ticket is set to take off in 2014.

“Outer space has always captivated mankind. I’m intrigued by the devotion to the cause, curiosity and courage interwoven with the high degree of scientific knowledge and technical skills. In particular, I have been inspired by ‘The Problem of Space Travel – The Rocket Motor’ by Herman Potočnik, which was published in 1928. With more than 100 handmade drawings, Potočnik sat out a plan for a breakthrough into space and the establishment of a human presence there.” Silas Adler / Soulland

The movie 2001: A Space Odyssey by Stanley Kubrick from 1968 is recognized as one of the most influential films ever made. The intention was to create as accurate a depiction of the future as was possible at the time. Obviously not all of these visions have come to pass, but some of them did.

“The aesthetic from the movie is used as an understated ‘how to design the future’ guideline for the collection. We strive to design menswear with a relevance to the past and the present but certainly also to the future. The design and interior in the Soulland Store in Copenhagen is also inspired by this movie. I guess it’s Kubrick’s astonishing attention to detail and accuracy that keeps inspiring me in my work.” Silas Adler / Soulland.

Another noteworthy characteristic of the ‘Space for Everyone’-collection is references to the fact that several mon- keys were sent into space before humans were. Sam, a rhesus monkey, was one of the most well known monkeys
of the US space program and he plays around on several styles in the collection from t-shirts and sweatshirts to button-down shirts.

“Space is just the beginning...’” is embroidered on a sweatshirt. Another sweatshirt says ‘space for everyone’ on the sleeves and features the ‘earth’ embroidered on the front. SPACE written in capitals is embroidered on a rib panel sweatshirt with slubs. The reference to space is obvious and the sweatshirts with Cordelia embroidery are indeed becoming signature items of Soulland.

All-over prints, collage prints and prints made by hand has been a Soulland characteristic for seasons. Oxford button-down shirts featuring artwork created by small pieces of tinfoil is a new take on a wardrobe staple and adds an understated reference to the space theme.
Another understated reference to outer space is the use of reflective tape highlighted on shirts, pants and a jacket. A silver reflex print is also seen on the classic Soulland ribbon logo sweatshirt. Take a photo with your phone and use flash. Instagram - #soulland.
We are proud to introduce a new suit in a jacquard cotton fabric developed exclusively for Soulland by Teviz, Portugal.

“Working with new fabrics and technics is in the DNA of Soulland and something we strive to put even more emphasis on. I’m especially satisfied with our outerwear and suiting for this season.
A bomber jacket and a trench coat in a camouflage jacquard fabric by Limonta, Italy stands out and the black wool suit with white slubs is another favourite in the collection.” Silas Adler / Soulland.

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