Founded in 2008, MA.STRUM is a menswear brand that specialises in technical outerwear and apparel.

Designs are predominantly, though not exclusively, inspired by a wide range of historic and present-day military attire.

Rather than submit to industry trends, MA.STRUM tirelessly pursues a grand marriage of form and function, constructing garments that not only look good, but truly perform against the elements.

MA.STRUM products arrive as a result of an intensive research and development process, one that champions innovation and the use of sophisticated, modern fabrics coupled with cutting-edge production techniques.


Fall / Winter 2014 is the first collection from an entirely new creative team, carefully assembled by owner & CEO John Sharp.

This new team represents significant growth for the brand, bolstering MA.STRUM’s bank of skills, thereby helping the brand realise a number of key goals both technically and aesthetically.

Fall ‘14 arrives as the most diverse range to date with a noticeable expansion of wares throughout each and every product category.

New product introductions include a White Label performance line, the reintroduction of MA.STRUM denim, a broader shirting range, an expanded jersey and knit offering, all along with an expanded mainline outerwear selection.


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