CRNFRD. Bomber Jacket Season

For Spring Summer 14’ we have seen a great deal in the return of the Bomber Jacket with many brands creating their personal styling of the vintage silhouette. The Bomber Jacket is a short jacket tightly gathered at the waist and cuffs by elasticated bands typically having a front zip, nowadays with two zips. 

The origin of the jacket is from the mid 1950’s where the Bomber jacket was created to suit the requirements of the pilots with the safety and comfort for pilot performance. The MA-1 Bomber Jacket was the name of the original jacket and is still referenced 60 years later as the shape and style has remained the same.

In current times we see new materials and designs to being put fourth on the MA-1 styles jacket as fashion has grown immensely over the recent years with new designers taking fashion to different and exciting heights. 

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